Self-Study: The Work Force Adjustment Directive (COR123)

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Please note that COR123 has been suspended, effective February 20, 2023.

An estimated return for the product and/or an alternate product has yet to be determined.

A work force adjustment occurs when the services of one or more indeterminate employees will no longer be required beyond a specified date. This online self-paced course provides an overview of the Work Force Adjustment Directive, outlining what it is, when it applies, and how to use it. Participants will review their roles, responsibilities, rights, and obligations under the directive and learn about additional resources that are available.

Topics include:

  • understanding the Work Force Adjustment Directive
  • defining a reasonable job offer under the directive
  • making work force adjustment decisions in line with the directive
  • outlining the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders
  • providing support to affected employees

Legacy course code: P025

Date modified: 2022-02-07