Value-Added Oversight of Public Resources: The Role of Internal Audit (COR204)

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22.5 hours



Functional specialists



This course has been archived and has been replaced by A Tour of Internal Auditing (COR205).

Ensuring the proper oversight of public resources is a value-added role that is intended to instill confidence among citizens and stakeholders alike. This course introduces the principles underlying the practice of internal audit and explores the tools and processes used to make operational improvements based on evidence. Participants will be guided through each phase of a typical audit activity, including getting the audit results approved and published.

Topics include:

  • unpacking the fundamentals of risk, controls and governance
  • clarifying the audit team's responsibilities
  • identifying the roles of management and staff during the audit engagement
  • applying the standards and policies governing internal audit
  • obtaining approval and publishing results online


This course is an excellent introduction for all public servants, including new auditors, to the role of internal audit in the federal government context. Participants will learn about the principles of applying oversight as a way to inform decisions and improve operations.

Legacy course code: A705

Date modified: 2024-04-08