Access to Information in the Government of Canada

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To carry out their responsibilities with respect to the public's right to information, federal employees who process requests for information are expected to have a solid understanding of the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act. This course provides an overview of the proper handling of information and privacy requests, detailing the customary roles and responsibilities and how to apply the most common exemptions and exclusions. Participants will learn how to process access to information and privacy (ATIP) requests and provide valid recommendations on the disclosure of information.

Topics include:

  • clarifying ATIP roles and responsibilities
  • applying exemptions and exclusions
  • providing rationales for recommendations
  • understanding ATIP-related jurisprudence

Note: If the course is currently full, check back in mid-summer. The September courses will be posted at that time.

Legacy course code: I701

Date modified: 2022-02-07

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