IT Security Fundamentals for IT Practitioners (DDN107)

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2 hours



Functional specialists



To do their jobs, information technology practitioners must be equipped with the information and resources they need to perform common IT security tasks. This online self-paced course offers an overview of information technology (IT) security policies, processes and procedures relevant to the role of IT practitioners in the federal public service. Participants will gain a foundational understanding of IT security that can be adapted to organizational contexts across the Government of Canada.

Topics include:

  • understanding the security responsibilities of IT practitioners
  • implementing and maintaining departmental IT security
  • planning IT security measures


This course is delivered by the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security. To register, or to sign in or create an account, visit the Cyber Centre Learning Hub and search for the course by title or by code 606.

Legacy course code: I218

Date modified: 2022-12-02