Cyber Security Fundamentals (DDN231)

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Delivery method

Delivery method

Virtual classroom



7.5 hours








Knowing the basics of cyber security is beneficial to all government employees, especially to those who work with or support IT security professionals. This online instructor-led course provides an introduction to cyber security basics and the cyber threat landscape. Through a mix of lectures, discussions, examples and group activities, participants will explore cyber security terminology, concepts and processes, including the tools, tactics and procedures of cyber threat actors.

Topics include:

  • reviewing the goals and challenges of cyber security
  • exploring the cyber threat landscape and the security controls that can mitigate vulnerabilities
  • explaining how the internet functions
  • understanding the threat context and common vulnerabilities
  • applying cyber security concepts to a compromise scenario


This course is delivered by the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security and has a cost of $500. To register and pay, or to sign in or create an account, visit the Cyber Centre Learning Hub and search for the course by title or by code 107.

Upon request, this course can be tailored for groups to fit specific professional, business or departmental learning objectives. Email the Cyber Centre Learning Hub at for specific details and costs.

Legacy course code: I225

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Date modified: 2024-02-22