Cyber Security in the GC for Home and Telework

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Delivery method

Virtual classroom



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When working outside the secured work environment of a government office, employees are expected to take proactive measures to protect their work files from exposure to cyber threats. This course explores basic cyber security concepts and home network essentials, including system settings that can reduce online exposure to cyber security threats when teleworking. Participants will learn to apply the Communications Security Establishment's Top Ten IT Security Actions to protect information on their home network or mobile devices.

Topics include:

  • updating system settings to reduce the exposure of private information
  • storing sensitive information on a home network
  • installing industry standard protective software
  • adopting countermeasures to cyber security threats
  • reacting to security breaches or incidents


This course was designed by the Cyber Centre Learning Hub at the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security. The course has a cost of $500, which is payable through the Cyber Centre Learning Hub.

Legacy course code: I226

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Date modified: 2022-02-07

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