Cyber Security Best Practices (DDN250)

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Delivery method

Delivery method

Virtual classroom



7.5 hours






Digital technologies have quickly become an integral part of our daily lives, with new developments and security concerns emerging every day. This course provides an overview of the various cyber security risks and threats that may be encountered in our professional and personal lives. Participants will learn behaviours and strategies to mitigate these risks, such as choosing strong passwords, spotting and properly handling suspicious emails, and securing personal devices and social media accounts.

Topics include:

  • identifying various cyber threats
  • determining strategies, recommendations, steps, and behaviours to mitigate risks online
  • implementing best practices that mitigate cyber risk and improve cyber hygiene


This course is delivered by the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security and has a cost of $500. To register and pay, or to sign in or create an account, visit the Cyber Centre Learning Hub and search for the course by title or by code 108.

Upon request, this course can be tailored for groups to fit specific professional, business or departmental learning objectives. Email the Cyber Centre Learning Hub at for specific details and costs.

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Date modified: 2023-07-07