CSPS Virtual Café Series: Innovative Approaches to Collecting Real-Time Sentiment Data (DDN3-E19)

Product code: DDN3-E19


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1 hour



All public servants at all levels


A staggering volume of data is generated worldwide on a daily basis, and with it comes the potential for policymakers to engage with a wide variety of new sentiments and opinions in real time.

This forward-looking event will highlight the dramatic changes in the data landscape, and ways to leverage how people use the World Wide Web to collect real-time sentiment data and draw from populations historically under-reflected in conventional data collection approaches.

Participants will gain valuable insights into how real-time data are being used by policymakers across a range of economic, social and geopolitical applications, how disengaged or mistrustful populations can be reached, and best practices for more inclusive data collection.

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Danielle Goldfarb, Vice-President, Public Policy, Global Affairs, and Economics at Real-Time Interactive Worldwide Intelligence


Kyle Burns, Director General, Public Sector Innovation, Canada School of Public Service

Date modified: 2023-05-10