CSPS Premium: GBA Plus in the Federal Policy Cycle (FON101)

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The School has transitioned to the virtual delivery of its learning products. As a result, this in-person classroom course has been suspended. Visit our learning catalogue to find similar or alternative virtual or online courses.

Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA Plus) is an analytical process used to assess how diverse groups of women, men and non-binary people may experience policies, programs and initiatives. This course provides small groups of policy analysts with an intensive learning experience in gender-based analysis (GBA Plus) as a way to bring visibility to GBA Plus as a Government of Canada priority. Participants will focus on the application of GBA Plus at each stage of the policy cycle, with the goal of enhancing their skills and competencies in GBA Plus.

Topics include:

  • understanding what makes a good GBA Plus
  • using data to tell the GBA Plus story
  • developing Memoranda to Cabinet, budget proposals and Treasury Board submissions with GBA Plus as part of the process


Introduction to Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA Plus) is a prerequisite for this course.


This course is targeted to policy analysts who draft, review and/or challenge decision-making documents such as budget proposals, Memoranda to Cabinet and Treasury Board submissions, as well as those who implement the ensuing programs and services.

Registration for this course is only available through a nomination process. Departmental heads of human resources in the National Capital Region (NCR) and Regional Federal Council representatives are asked to select participants from the target audience of policy analysts within their respective organizations. If you are interested in this course and work in the NCR, you may contact the head of HR in your department. If you work in any region outside of the NCR, you may contact your Regional Federal Council representative.

Legacy course code: P004

Date modified: 2022-02-07