Introduction to Regulating (FON201)

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This course has been archived and has been replaced by the job aid Introduction to Regulating (FON2-J01).

Regulators are expected to have a solid understanding of the federal regulatory process and the policies and guidance set out in the Cabinet Directive on Regulation. This online self-paced course introduces the different phases of the federal regulatory process, including the triage statement and the requirements for developing, implementing and reviewing regulations, and assessing their results. Participants will gain a basic understanding of the federal regulatory process and the stages of the life-cycle approach to regulating within a Government of Canada context.

Topics include:

  • understanding the objectives and requirements of the Cabinet Directive on Regulation
  • applying Canada's regulatory policies
  • unpacking the regulation-making process and the regulatory life cycle
  • clarifying regulatory roles, responsibilities and accountabilities
  • engaging stakeholders

Legacy course code: R001

Date modified: 2022-10-20