Orientation to the Public Service (FON303)

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Delivery method

Virtual classroom



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This course has been archived. Alternatively, essential content from Orientation to the Public Service (FON303) has been integrated into Who We Work For (FON304), an online self-paced course.

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The Public Service of Canada is a large and diverse community that proudly serves Canadians across the country. This course orients new public servants to the fundamentals of working in the federal public service and provides tools to help them situate their role and make the most of learning and networking opportunities. Participants will learn the importance of respecting values and ethics and how to use professional development opportunities to help them succeed in their new career.

Topics include:

  • understanding one's role within the public service
  • using social networks ethically and professionally
  • maximizing learning opportunities throughout a public sector career


This course is specifically designed for public servants who have been working in the federal public service for less than one year.

Public Service Orientation learning path

Legacy course code: G340

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Date modified: 2022-02-07