Delivering Inclusive Client Service (FON502)

Product code: FON502


Delivery method

Delivery method

Virtual classroom



2.5 hours






A client-centric approach is one that focuses on addressing client or user expectations, needs, challenges and feedback. This course explores the benefits of applying an inclusive mindset as part of client service delivery in a government context. Participants will reflect on behaviours and practices that encourage inclusiveness and how to integrate it when delivering services to clients.

Topics include:

  • building inclusive partnerships with clients
  • defining the core principles of inclusive client service
  • removing barriers to inclusive service delivery, even if they are unintentional
  • acknowledging how behaviours influence the client experience
  • being an ally and an advocate for inclusion


Due to the sensitive nature of the topics discussed in this course, participants must complete 45 to 60 minutes of pre-course foundational learning activities.

Before registering for this course, learners must have a basic understanding of unconscious bias. It is recommended that learners complete Moving from Bias to Inclusion (INC123) prior to starting FON502.

Legacy course code: R103

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Date modified: 2024-04-02