Federal Implementation of Modern Treaties and Self-Government Agreements (IRA145)

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Delivery method

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This course has been suspended.

All federal organizations have a responsibility to design and deliver policies and programs that comply with the rights and obligations of modern treaties and self-government agreements with Indigenous Peoples. This course for policy and program officers provides a comprehensive overview about how the federal government is expected to work with Indigenous Peoples to implement modern treaties and self-government agreements. Participants will learn how to conduct an Assessment of Modern Treaty Implications and apply a modern treaty and self-government lens to the development of policies, programs and services.

Topics include:

  • building strong relationships and resolving disputes
  • reviewing the content and structure of agreements
  • clarifying the roles and responsibilities of federal officials
  • reviewing the implementation process and its challenges
  • understanding the historical, legal and policy context of modern treaties and self-government agreements


This course is intended for policy and program officers whose responsibilities require a comprehensive understanding of modern treaties and self-government agreements.

This course consists of six 2-hour sessions with rest days in between. During these rest days, participants will be asked to complete 20 to 30 minutes of self-paced learning activities each week and one group assignment.

After registering, participants will receive an email prior to the first session indicating the specific dates and times for each of the six sessions. For any questions related to scheduling, please email virtuallogistics-logistiquevirtuelle11@csps-efpc.gc.ca.

This course is offered in partnership with Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada and with the Land Claims Agreement Coalition.

Legacy course code: K208

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Date modified: 2022-02-07