Supporting Indigenous Talent (IRA171)

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Delivery method

Virtual classroom



6 hours





Public service leaders have an obligation to seek out new talent and to support the hiring and sponsorship of Indigenous employees. This course for executives explores the barriers faced by Indigenous employees related to their recruitment, retention, well-being and career advancement within the federal public service. Participants will be presented with insights on how to support the hiring and retention of Indigenous employees, along with best practices for improving their well-being and professional development.

Topics include:

  • exploring the importance of hiring Indigenous talent in the public service
  • examining statistics that highlight barriers for Indigenous employees
  • defining decolonization and Indigenization of the workplace
  • discovering current initiatives that support Indigenous employment


Participants are encouraged to complete Reflecting on Canada's Colonial History (IRA170) prior to starting this course.

Legacy course code: K214

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Date modified: 2023-02-27