Building Meaningful Relationships with Indigenous Peoples (IRA172)

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Delivery method




32 hours





Reserved for the Executive community – Anyone not at the Executive level will be removed from the course.

Gaining a deeper understanding of Indigenous leadership concepts is an important step towards reconciliation. This course for executives offers a learning experience centred on the principles of traditional oral teachings and Indigenous leadership. Participants will gain insights on the importance of co-development practices in supporting reconciliation and of renewed partnerships with Indigenous Peoples.

Topics include:

  • understanding the importance of Indigenous worldviews/li>
  • recognizing colonial practices that hinder reconciliation
  • examining public service and Indigenous perspectives related to policy development
  • developing relationships based on respect, cooperation, partnership, and the recognition of rights
  • defining the responsibilities of executives in the implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act


This premium course is delivered by Indigenous leaders within the public service, and with the collaboration of Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers. The course is reserved for executives nominated by their deputy heads. Once accepted, nominees will receive registration instructions by email.

This course is restricted to executives.

Participants must complete Reflecting on Canada's Colonial History (IRA170) as a prerequisite.

Legacy course code: K202

Date modified: 2023-03-28