Manager Development Program - Phase 2

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The School has transitioned to the virtual delivery of its learning products. As a result, this in-person classroom course has been suspended. Visit our learning catalogue to find similar or alternative virtual or online courses.

The Manager Development Program supports new managers by helping them understand the roles, accountabilities and expectations placed upon managers in the federal public service. Phase 2 is a five-day course that focuses on experiential learning through self-reflection activities and facilitated group discussions. By using the DISC personality assessment tool, participants will discover their personal leadership style and learn how to adapt their style to different people and situations.

Topics include:

  • understanding government priorities
  • managing human resources responsibilities
  • making brave, ethical decisions
  • having difficult conversations in a respectful manner
  • creating an environment that fosters employee engagement (including within virtual teams)


The Manager Development Program comprises four phases. To participate in Phase 2, you must first be identified by your organization, then assigned the certification by your departmental Training Coordinator or Learning Coordinator. You can then contact the School's Client Contact Centre to register.

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Legacy course code: G413

Date modified: 2022-02-07

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