Orientation and Self-Discovery for Managers (LPL134)

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Delivery method

Delivery method

Virtual classroom



4 hours





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The Managers Development Program: Virtual Edition is being redesigned and the current program will be archived on April 1, 2025. Consult the program’s web page to learn more.

Course registration is reserved for the participants of the Manager Development Program: Virtual Edition (MDPv).

This course is part of the learning path for the virtual edition of the Manager Development Program (MDPv). Certification for the MDPv must be assigned by a departmental Training Coordinator or a Learning Coordinator.

The Manager Development Program provides the foundational knowledge needed to meet the demands of the management role. This course consists of two virtual sessions to help registrants prepare for their participation in the virtual edition of the Manager Development Program (MDPv). Participants will learn how to optimize their learning experience as it unfolds over the subsequent months and assess their personality traits in advance of the actual program.

Topics include:

  • preparing for the MDPv program
  • assessing one's personality traits using a psychometric tool
  • understanding how personalities, perceptions and beliefs shape behaviour
  • using self-reflection as a leadership tool to inspire success in teams


Learn more about the Manager Development Program: Virtual Edition (MDPv).

Legacy course code: G418

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