Government of the Future Series: Working Collaboratively with the Public (TRN1-E06)

Product code: TRN1-E06


Delivery method

Delivery method




1.5 hours



All public servants at all levels


All levels of government are increasingly seeking opportunities to collaborate with the public to find solutions to issues facing Canadians. However, questions remain about how best to ensure that public engagement is successful while being respectful and inclusive of a wide array of perspectives.

This fourth event in the Government of the Future Series will explore some of the factors and challenges to consider when collaborating effectively with the public. Speakers will present the latest research on public engagement insights to address known issues, suggest solutions, and improve public administration.

Participants will learn about the most recent practices for collaboration in a government context, when to use them, and strategies to promote inclusive collaboration.

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Melanie Copeland, Manager, Transformation Accelerator Hub, Employment and Social Development Canada

Vince Hopkins, Assistant Professor, University of Saskatchewan

Anna Kopec, Assistant Professor, Carleton University

Jeannie Dempster, Director, Innovation Lab, Employment and Social Development Canada

Date modified: 2022-12-13