Government of the Future Series: Collaborating Externally to Find New Ideas, Expertise and Advice (TRN1-E08)

Product code: TRN1-E08


Delivery method

Delivery method




1.5 hours



All public servants at all levels


Seeking guidance and external perspectives to address complex challenges in public administration offers new opportunities for addressing these problems and for finding potentially more effective solutions.

The fifth event in the Government of the Future Series will explore some of the ways that public servants can access new ideas, expertise, and advice through collaboration with other departments and agencies, communities of practice, the public, experts and other external sources. The discussion will reflect on the advantages gained by working with others, and how to build relationships with diverse groups to better inform the work of the public service.

Participants will learn best practices on how to collaborate with others, build new relationships, and seek diverse ideas.

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Melanie Copeland, Manager, Transformation Accelerator Hub, Employment and Social Development Canada



Dr. Leah Levac, Associate Professor, University of Guelph

Dr. Sandra Lapointe, Professor, McMaster University

Date modified: 2023-01-11