Hybrid Workplace Series: Overcoming Proximity Bias (TRN1-E12)

Product code: TRN1-E12


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1 hour



All public servants at all levels



Hybrid work has increased the risk of proximity bias, which is the unconscious tendency to treat employees who are physically closer more favourably. This bias presents specific challenges for distributed teams, where employees working virtually or in the regions may be unintentionally excluded from decision-making and relationship-building opportunities.

This sixth event in the Hybrid Workplace Series features Natasha Bowman, known as “the Workplace Doctor,” who will take a deep dive into proximity bias, including how she has helped countless teams to overcome it.

Participants will gain a clearer understanding of what proximity bias is, how to recognize it and help others recognize it, and how to identify concrete steps to prevent it.

This event is part of the Hybrid Workplace Series.


Michael Rutherford, Director, Leadership Fundamentals, Transferable Skills - Innovation and Skills Development Branch, Champion, Psychological Health and Safety, Canada School of Public Service


Natasha Bowman, President The Natasha Bowman Consulting Group



Date modified: 2023-07-10