Leadership Series: Using the Body’s Intelligence to Make Better Decisions (TRN1-E17)

Product code: TRN1-E17


Delivery method

Delivery method




1.5 hours



All public servants at all levels



In recent years, change has become the new normal, forcing leaders at all levels to adapt to this new reality. In doing so, they have begun to adopt non-standard approaches to leadership development, including acknowledging how embodied intelligence often supports better judgement.

This interactive event features Amanda Blake, Ph.D., an award-winning author and master somatic leadership coach, who will discuss the latest research in applied neurobiology that suggests that decision-making is affected at least as much by the intelligence in our bodies as by our conceptual intelligence.

Participants will learn about how and when to trust, or not trust, their instincts to support higher-quality decision-making, and gain practical tools for accessing and strengthening their embodied intelligence.

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  • Amanda Blake, Leadership Coach and Author of Your Body Is Your Brain


  • Courtney Amo, Executive Faculty Member, Canada School of Public Service
Date modified: 2023-10-30