Navigating Social Media as a Public Servant

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06 February 2023


09:30 to 11:30 EST

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Delivery method

Virtual classroom



2 hours





Navigating social media as a public servant can be challenging, as the lines between personal and professional social media identities are often blurred. This course provides an introduction to engaging effectively and responsibly on social media platforms, and offers tips on using mindfulness and sound judgment in an open context. Participants will revisit the expected behaviours related to their professional values when using social media, and will have an opportunity to discuss the grey areas around navigating social media as a public servant.

Topics include:

  • distinguishing between the types of social media accounts: official, personal, and professional
  • reviewing duty of loyalty, values and ethics, and code of conduct as they relate to social media
  • exploring the policies and guidelines governing the use of social media by public servants
  • recognizing appropriate and inappropriate uses of social media
  • summarizing responsible and ethical social media practices


This course is open to all public servants, including new employees, who are seeking clarification or a better understanding of the behaviours expected of them when using social media. Public servants who work in an official communications role and/or who manage or publish to Government of Canada social media accounts as part of their official job duties should already have this knowledge but may still find value in taking this course as a refresher.

Legacy course code: C555

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