Working as Part of a Virtual or Hybrid Team (TRN146)

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Delivery method

Virtual classroom



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As of April 26, 2023, this course will be temporarily suspended. We are working on updating the content and will relaunch the revised course shortly.

As an alternative, we invite you to explore a variety of resources available within the Tool Kit for Virtual and Hybrid Teams to support you with working in a hybrid work environment.

The increased use of digital and remote tools is trending upwards across all sectors. This course shares best practices, behaviours and tools for how to perform successfully in a virtual work environment. Participants will use their newfound knowledge to help transform their workplace culture and attitudes, and encourage their existing teams to embrace working in a virtual or hybrid team.

Topics include:

  • creating a personal user guide ("user guide to me") and team charter to help team members work together
  • deconstructing individual and group challenges that can arise when working remotely
  • adopting behaviours that enable the development of virtual or hybrid teams
  • approaching technology from various levels of proficiency
  • challenging pre-existing assumptions and mindsets about virtual work in the public service


The intended audience for this course is all public servants, particularly those who are new to working virtually or as part of a remote team.

It is recommended that learners consult the job aids below prior to taking this course:

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