The Trust Series: Disinformation, Foreign Interference and Trust in Democratic Institutions (TRN3-E10)

Product code: TRN3-E10


Delivery method

Delivery method




1 hour



All public servants at all levels



Democracies rely on access to a shared set of facts from diverse and reliable sources of news and information to assist citizens in forming opinions and participating in public debate. Consequently, foreign interference and the spread of disinformation remain challenges for even the most long-standing democracies.

This not-to-be-missed event features a panel of experts and academics, who will explore how disinformation manifests across the different sectors of society. The event will include discussion about how disinformation can lead to the erosion of trust, as well as about ongoing efforts to counter disinformation both within Canada and internationally.

Participants will be exposed to new perspectives and gain a better understanding of how global disinformation trends are impacting trust in Canadian institutions, including the public service.

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  • David Salvo, Executive Director, Alliance for Securing Democracy
  • Lizzie Landels, Senior Program Manager, Democracy Forward, Microsoft
  • Taylor Owen, Associate Professor, McGill University


  • Sarah Stinson, Director General, Democratic Institutions Secretariat, Privy Council Office
Date modified: 2023-11-13