Navigating The Future of Work (TRN4-E21)

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As technology continues to evolve and shape how employees and workplaces function, the incidence of chronic workplace stress also continues to rise, to such an extent that burnout has been recognized as an occupational syndrome by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

This forward-looking event will explore how today's workforce must adapt and prepare for tomorrow’s workplace and examine how our leaders are uniquely positioned to help build the necessary resilience.

Future-of-work expert Hamza Khan will defend and explain his thinking that, to succeed in the face of uncertainty, leaders must depend on uniquely human qualities that are difficult if not impossible to automate.

Participants will learn about Khan’s belief that the demand for human skills—social and emotional skills, high-level cognitive skills, critical thinking, creativity, and complex information processing—will dramatically increase in the workplace of the future.


  • Hamza Khan - Future-of-Work Expert and Author of Leadership, Reinvented: How to Foster Empathy, Servitude, Diversity, and Innovation in the Workplace and The Burnout Gamble: Achieve More by Beating Burnout and Building Resilience


  • Aiesha Zafar - Faculty Member, Canada School of Public Service
Date modified: 2023-03-09