Peer Coaching Groups for Executives (TRN450)

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Delivery method

Virtual classroom



16 hours




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Reserved for the Executive community – Anyone not at the Executive level will be removed from the course.

Peer coaching groups offer an open, collaborative, and confidential environment in which peers come together to explore specific work-related challenges while providing coaching support to one another. Facilitated by an experienced coach, this course consists of a series of peer-coaching workshops for executives to stimulate and improve job performance. Participants will gain new insights in a safe space and acquire coaching techniques that will strengthen their ability to understand themselves and others.

Topics include:

  • applying the GROW Model of coaching
  • practising coaching techniques
  • facilitating changes in thought and action that can lead to desired outcomes


This course is reserved for executives. Registration by aspiring executives will not be accepted.

This course requires a time commitment of 15 hours over approximately 10 weeks. Attending a pre-course information session is also required.


To express your interest in participating in this course, please submit a notice of interest, after which you will be invited to attend an information session where upcoming offering dates and locations will be shared.

Legacy course code: E831

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